Friday, March 2, 2012


Salam u alaikum My Dear Muslim bros and sis !

Bismilllah. My name is Sidra Afzal . I'm a Muslimah on the journey we call life. This my blog and i want as 
many people to benefit from it as possible :D little things lead to big things right? I start off small with a pure
intention to please Allah and spread Islam lets see how this will turn out :)) so iA i will be posting everyday.

My blog 
i will be posting my poems -reminders -little updates- hadiths and 
ayahs from the quran -duas - quotes -saying - islamic inspiration and such ...
sometimes we just need a little nudge of reminder from this huge 
distraction of a world so im here for you :D 
support , comment, subscribe! :D  

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